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One of the Best- Labelling Me!

It’s sad isn’t it that we can’t display every piece of art work our tinies create? So most of the time the art work we display are items that really showcase our children’s talents or items that are useful for recapping the subject- this is just that!

When learning about body parts we created a simple poster labelling them, ours was different because it was labelling an actual photograph of Paige. She was so excited to see herself on the poster, I really didn’t need to encourage her to get involved. She couldn’t stop pointing at herself and telling me ‘Paige, Mama it’s Paige’!

All you need is..

  • A full height picture of your tiny.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Alphabet stickers.
  • Felt tip pens (to add a splash of colour).

It’s definitely a team effort task!

This is how we did it;


I cut up the picture, as it needed precision, and wrote all the labels.

My tiny-

Paige stuck down the sections of the picture, she identified the body parts on her ‘picture self’ and she placed the letter stickers on the poster. If she struggled to identify the body part I used the beginning letter sticker, as a prompt, to help.

The Result


Was it a success?

Well, I can honestly say (and I am proud to say), Paige now knows all the body parts on this picture! So this activity mainly helped develop her vocabulary and speech. Following the method I used it also explored some of the alphabet, by using the letter stickers, and she practised her fine motor skills when sticking them down.

There’s so many ways you could do it…

  • To make it easier, you could use pre-written labels that you could read to your tiny to stick down.
  • For more of a challenge, your tiny could spell the body parts using letter stickers.
  • If you didn’t want to look at body parts you could label their faces showing different emotions (this would be a good thing to pull out on a 16th birthday)!
  • You could label the clothing instead of the body parts and learn something new.

Will this be your next team task?

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