Dramatic Play

5 Fun Ways to Re-Invent a Play Shop!

A play shop doesn’t have to just be a shop, generally the structure of these toys are very versatile – so why not have a change?

A few month ago, whilst scanning a tin of beans for the 50th time that week, I decided our shop needs a change and I have never looked back. I now spend my Sunday nights dressing up the shop as something new to surprise Paige on a Monday morning – she absolutely loves it!

I have to be honest as well, I haven’t bought new decorative items specifically for these purposes or spent hours at the printer making signs. I have only used items we already had and it has never taken more than 15 minutes to set up! If you wanted to invest more, these could look 10 times better but for play purposes they have always been great for us!

I wanted to share with you 5 of our best. Here, in order, are our top 5.

5th Place – A Puppet Theatre 

I basically put all her hand puppets and fingers puppets on the shelves and let her be a ‘puppet master’ for the week.

4th Place – A Launderette 


3rd Place – A Hospital


2nd Place – A Pet Shop (it was a close call)


But the winner was …. a Library!


**TOP TIP – Only use empty bottles, tubes and cartons, its much safer and much less messy – it is imaginative play after all!

This type of imaginative play is fantastic at developing children’s creativity but also helping them understand these places and the people’s roles who work there!

Are you yet to explore one of these places?

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