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Roll, Count, Choose and Build!

So I am sure every parent of a toddler has a home full of different blocks and bricks to build with – is it just me who rarely has them all out at once?

One afternoon I dared to do so and we had so much fun!

It was a really simple activity…

Paige rolled the dice, she counted the dots and then chose which item she wanted to build with and built her tower. I don’t know whether it was the free choice involved or fact that she was setting her own challenges but she went crazy for this!


All you need is…

Dice and different building blocks!

As you can see, Paige had a choice from Easter eggs, star links, standard wooden bricks and plastic squeezy blocks. You can obviously build with whatever you think your tiny would love.

What are they learning?

This activity really gave Paige a purpose to count and I have never seen her more engaged at doing so! It is also fantastic at developing their fine motor skills whilst building the towers.

As well as these educational aspects, this is a great opportunity for them to be their own boss and develop their independence.

What could you use to build with?

  • Easter eggs
  • Wooden blocks
  • Building blocks
  • Gears
  • Ice cubes
  • Star links
  • Bristle blocks
  • Magnetic blocks
  • Marshmallows
  • Plastic squeezy blocks

Or many many more…

Would your toddler love to set their own challenges too?



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