About Me

deboak-6849_I am Debbie- I am a former teacher whose strength was making ‘boring’ topics engaging and exciting! I am a creative individual who regularly ‘thinks outside the box’ and enjoys presenting entertaining yet educational activities. I have an extensive background working in education in various roles from teaching assistant to teacher, in various settings from nurseries through to high schools delivering a wide variety of topics from Drama to Citizenship.

deboak-6888_My best achievement in life so far is my amazing little girl Paige!

She was born on the 1st of December 2014 and she starts school in September 2019. Everything is ‘WOW’ to Paige and she such a bundle of joy to be around. She loves animals, sensory play, jumping and running, being arty and playing shops but the thing she adores most is reading!

Now, I am a stay at home mum (for the meantime anyway until she starts school) and I feel a massive responsibility to educate my own toddler to ensure that she is not only ‘school ready’ when the day comes but that she has the confidence and skill set to be a successful learner. I want Paige to have explored a range of the topics she will cover at school so that she is confident enough to participate in the class. To ensure she is socially ready we attend 7 different preschool classes on a weekly basis which cover subjects I am unable to teach from home.

We attend morning classes for:

  • Horse Riding
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Multi-Sports
  • Science
  • Drama
  • and Cooking!

In the afternoons, I plan a range of activities to cover the different aspects of the curriculum and develop other skills such as fine motor and numeracy skills.  I am a massive fan of learning through play so our afternoons are full of fantastic fun experiences which both me and my daughter enjoy together.

Teaching the Tiny is for anyone with a Tiny to Teach! It is full of purposeful ideas and inspiration to help you create, learn and play with your tiny, and in doing so, help get them ‘school ready’ too!

Thank you so much, have fun and if you have any questions or need any further guidance please message me!