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Locks, Latches and Fastenings Hands-on Learning!

There’s some things that a child can only learn practically; locks, latches and fastenings are definitely that!

My Paige is lucky to have an amazing set of grandparents that care about her so much they made her a busy board to help her develop these skills. Don’t you just love handmade presents!? This is definitely one I will always treasure!

So, for once on my blog, because I didn’t make it, I am not going to talk about what you need and how to create it. I did still think though, that it deserved to be shown, because it’s such a fantastic board which incorporates so many different fastenings! You can even button up the shirt attached around it to close it when you aren’t using it!


These boards are amazing for developing their life skills and fine motor skills and they are definitely worth having!

Has it inspired you to make one?